The death of the desktop PC

The death of the desktop PC
Article contributed by Michael Grimes
Written on 15 January 2017

The death of the desktop PC  

With mobile technology long taking over the lead in sales over desktop computers, is the traditional home and office based PC dead? Sales Downturn With PC sales falling electrical and software dealers are reporting sales flat lining as consumers opt for mobile technology, how long will a home based PC be a viable option for most families? Mobile technology rises For day to day use by both individuals and families a mobile phone can be just as (if not more useful) than a desktop based PC. Also with inexpensive but effective tablets shared in a household make purchasing an expensive desktop with mouse, keyboard and related accessories less attractive than ten years ago. With the option to customize a tablet or mobile phone with downloadable apps to suit a specific function and with constant development in the mobile app space that has quickly over taken traditional desktop software, consumers are now moving more towards the technology that can accompany them anywhere.

Microsoft’s ill-fated reboot attempt

In order to create a technology family with the home based PC as the centre, Microsoft launched its badly received windows 8 which failed miserably to capture the imagination and spending power of its target market. Consumers failed to see the benefits of upgrading from the trusted windows XP or 7 operating PCs to more expensive and flash PCs that ultimately offered nothing new to the general users who utilised their home based PC for surfing the internet, checking social media and sending emails. Commercial use beginning to decline With businesses taking a similar stance to the average consumer the first decade of the 20th century has seen more businesses move towards cloud computing and with that freeing themselves of expensive and space consuming servers; meaning a tablet or laptop which offers much greater flexibility in a more mobile world where working from home and flexitime are now becoming standard practice are a much more attractive option.

Technology integrated society?

When passing coffee shops today you will see tablet or laptop users taking full advantage of the free wifi, which is offered by more or less every coffee place today. Patrons of coffee shops often choose one coffee spot over the other if they offer extras such as free wifi. Also with more professionals abandoning the board room to catch up with clients, interview perspective candidates and pitch for new business over a coffee the tablet is now a must have accessory leaving the old desktop PC back in the office.      


As we see more movement towards mobile technology it may not be long until we completely shut down our PCs forever and stroll happily into the future with our smart phones neatly tucked into our pocket and tablets under our arms.

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