Festive soul searching; what to consider…..

Festive soul searching; what to consider…..
Article contributed by Darragh Everard
Written on 05 January 2017

Why do so many people start looking for a new role after Christmas?

·        It is typical at this time of year to be hounded by questions about your job. When you meet people that you haven’t seen in a while, one of the first things they’ll ask you is “How’s work?”. After the 5th or 6th generic response you actually start to ask yourself “How the hell is it actually going?”

·        Often people have been procrastinating on the issue for a large chunk of the year but only when they have some down-time do they feel ready to stick their head above the parapet.

·        The thought of the first day back in January. A pretty glum day in most people’s books and the thought thereof can lead many to the job boards.

·        For a lot of people, it’s the only time of the year where they actually have an extended period of time to consider such things. Summer holidays are often agenda packed and the rest of the year can be one big routine. Christmas can often be the disrupter where people have their diaries filled with nothing but couch time and hungover pondering!

·        The more organised amongst us may draw up a personal or household budget at this time of year, which can often lead to people revaluate what they need to earn. I'd also love to see the amount of times that 'How to write a resume' is googled the day that January's credit card statements come out.

What should I consider before deciding whether to change job or not?  

·        Are my work goals going to facilitate my life goals? It’s best to work out what’s important to you outside of work first and then structure your job around that. What’s going to be important to you in 2017 e.g.

-      Earnings – Am I earning enough to allow me to achieve my financial goals e.g. house deposit, cost of having children, travelling to where I want, retiring at the age I want to?

-      Family time – What hours am I expecting to do next year? Do I need a shorter commute? Do I have the flexibility that I need?

-      Stability – Is the company that I work for going to be in operation this time next year.

-      Mental wellbeing – Is my job likely to affect my personal relationships outside of work and if so, is that in a positive way? How stressed can I expect to be this year? Is my job giving me the platform I need to succeed to the level that I think I can?


·        What is your level of dread about returning to work? None of us can expect to be skipping back into work on January 3rd but there is a difference between reluctantly leaving the house and having severe anxiety of it.

·        Are you looking forward to seeing anyone? One thing that makes a workplace enjoyable for an extended period of time is working with like-minded people that you are happy to spend 40-50 hours a week with. Are you?!

·        Is next year going to be better for you than the last one!?

·        Do you know what else is out there? You don’t know what you don’t know, and I understand that sometimes ignorance can be bliss but there is rarely any harm in putting some feelers out in the market to see what’s out there for you. If nothing else, it may confirm your content with where you are.

·        Draw up a pros and cons list. If you are unsure as to whether to move or not, or to compare your current role with another prospective one, sometimes seeing things written down can be a very powerful tool.

·        Take responsibility. Before running out the door, analyse what you can do about the cons yourself and whether they are fixable. Don’t be afraid to speak to someone in the office about reasonable concerns that you have before jumping because of them.

·        Fast forward 5 years; January 3rd 2022 – Is the job that you’re in today going to get you to where you want to be on this day?

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