‘Temp’ – why is it a dirty word?

‘Temp’ – why is it a dirty word?
Article contributed by Charlotte Stone
Written on 05 April 2016

Your Financial Accountant has just handed in their notice. With two months before year end, the pressure is on for you to find somebody as soon as possible. Four weeks of notice quickly turn into an ever longer gap in your team and you start to panic. The time has come. It’s time to explore the dreaded temp avenue… but why is it that we view a quick and easy solution to our problems in such a negative way?  

Working as a recruiter in the interim market, I’ve found that temporary staff are often viewed as a last resort. Candidates have come in to interview with me following redundancy or an abrupt end to their permanent roles, stating that they ‘will look at contract roles if they can’t find anything permanent’, or even turn down temp jobs to start the next day.  

In the same way, clients will stipulate that they do not want to be presented with ‘jumpy’ resumes as they connote a lack of commitment to their roles or willingness to pursue long term opportunities.  

Fortunately, the market for interim staff is continuing to go from strength to strength; this is because more and more businesses are seeing the value in utilizing contractors to support their permanent teams, and the reasons why are manifold.  

New perspectives                                                                            

Contractors are paid to come into a business and hit the ground running with the work they are given. However, what we often forget is that they also come into a role or organization with a fresh pair of eyes. This means they are able to successfully identify areas of inefficiency by asking questions that wouldn’t be asked by a long term staff member.  

In the same vein, contractors bring with them a wealth of concepts and experience from other companies. Employers focus their efforts on drumming up new ideas internally when you can easily gain them by adding an interim to your team.  


The flexibility of hiring a temporary member of staff gives you greater leeway in hiring and letting go of employees, which is incredibly advantageous if you have a fluctuating workload. Contractors are hired on the understanding that you will part ways once the task at hand is completed, a win-win scenario for both parties.  


Time is our most valuable commodity nowadays. By hiring a specialist, you can offload projects that have you put on the back burner without detracting from your core responsibilities. Contractors are employed based on their reputation in the marketplace, so their motivation to complete a role ahead of schedule will save you time and money.      

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic contractors during my career who have been able to add real value to the organizations they partner with. If you want to know more about how a contractor can transform your business, please get in touch on (02) 8256 5020.    

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