Women in Business - Melbourne Seminar

Women in Business - Melbourne Seminar
Article contributed by Steph Langford
Written on 04 March 2016

The Andersen Partnership Melbourne office held their first annual Women in Business networking event last night. It was a great success and thank you for all those that attended. We were fortunate enough to have four speakers who discussed their careers to date including successes, challenges and important topics around women in business. 

Hayley Watson - Director at EY, Taryn Rulton - COO & CFO at Monash College, Sandra Stoklossa- Director of Corporate Services at Melbourne Recital Centre and Jenny Junkeer from Junkeer  all offered diverse and refreshing stories of their careers to date and experiences they've had. There was a Q&A session after in which the audience asked some really interesting questions around attracting women into leadership roles, how to promote women in business, how the workplace has changed for women business leaders in the last 5 years and advice for women looking to advance their career. 

One really interesting topic that came up was around self worth and 'Imposter' syndrome. Imposter syndrome refers to high-achieving individuals marked by an inability to acknowledge their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as "fraud". This was an excellent question that was asked mainly because I think many of us are guilty of having this. Working hard and earning the position you are in can sometimes not be a enough and we say things such as 'I got lucky'  or 'I don't deserve this success'. What I took away from this is that we should all recognise that there is no luck in success and where you get to in your career or in life is from hard work and dedication. We deserve to celebrate this!

The feedback we have received after the event was how different each of the speakers were and how interesting their unique stories are. The Andersen Partnership recruit staff across a number of industries including Finance, Wealth, Superannuation and Construction. Everyone has a completely different career path but it's really eye opening to see how the challenges we face are very similar. 

Thank you again to everyone who attended. It was a brilliant night and I'm already looking forward to the next one! 

If you would like to attend next time, please contact me on 8640 5420. Any more feedback from the event would also be much appreciated. 

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