A Shortage of Trades and Labourers in Sydney

A Shortage of Trades and Labourers in Sydney
Article contributed by Anca Marinescu
Written on 19 February 2016

Many builders lately have stated they find it difficult to find quality tradies in the City. After speaking with a few of them, we’ve recognised a trend that many aren’t finding the Trades and Labourers they need to finish construction projects on time. We’ve done some digging and discovered that some of the reasons for this shortage lie with the mining industry paying more than trades or apprenticeships and many of the trades heading in that direction instead. Also, young students and apprentices are wanting to head down the university path more so than getting a trade.

This shortage adds to the construction costs because it costs more to pay tradies, and project completion times increase - all of which also contribute to housing price growth. Additionally, renovation activity is predicted to increase 10% by 2018 which will only require more help on projects. The value of building work being done in Sydney alone has increased by 58% this financial year.

Some strategies Builders and Companies use are to employ 15-16 year olds who are doing work experience towards their apprenticeships to help, even though they are not experienced. Taking in overseas experienced skilled labourers and tradies is also a good option because there are many from other countries who aren’t getting paid much back home but who are capable of doing the work here.

Like Baker Andersen, recruitment agencies hiring for blue collar and white collar roles in construction are busy helping to source candidates, as it’s hard for companies to find the time to themselves in such a candidate short market. For any help sourcing staff or finding roles, call Baker Andersen Sydney on 02 8256 5040 or call one of our other national offices in Melbourne or Brisbane.

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