Work Life Balance in the Construction Industry?

Work Life Balance in the Construction Industry?
Article contributed by Sinead Whelehan
Written on 29 September 2015

Work Life Balance in the Construction Industry?

According to studies carried out by CareerOne recently, maintaining a satisfactory work/life balance is more difficult than ever. They found that over 80% of Australian people are finding that keeping the balance between work and family commitments is becoming increasingly strenuous.

This is definitely true in the Construction Industry. As anyone who works in this industry will know- the hours are long, the work is not easy and at times it can be very stressful. The average construction professional will work between 10-12 hours from during the week and usually a half day on a Saturday.

The industry is all about deadlines and the bottom line.Every day I speak to candidates that are constantly striving to find the balance. I speak to people about the pull and push factors that find them wanting to leave their current positions.

It’s so important to determine the real reasons people are looking to leave their current job. I find that WLB is one of the key factor. I find candidates are constantly looking to increase their Work Life Balance. Instead of been driven by an attractive remuneration alone, they are instead looking for:Better locationsLess travel timeFlexibilityCompany culture All of these factors can ensure they get more time at home with family, can enjoy work and are overall reduce stress levels.

I am finding that these are the key factors when working with people and placing them into new roles.


Sinead Whelehan Associate Consultant- Baker Andersen

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