Your City Snapshot: What Construction is happening this March?

Your City Snapshot: What Construction is happening this March?
Article contributed by Carol Kelly
Written on 20 March 2017

With the New Year's construction work back in full swing, significant progress can be seen across the region and to no one's surprise, development and construction are still full steam ahead this year.

Here’s a snapshot of what's happening this month in Auckland:

Unitec: Despite construction,property, trades and labour being massive hiring hotspots across the country, Unitec closed its Albany campus at the end of 2016 as student enrolment has not met its expectations. However, the $30 million state-of the-art Mt Albert trades facility currently under construction will open in the second semester (July) of 2017 with hopes to attract more students to cope with building demands across Auckland, Tauranga, Northland, Queenstown and to a lesser extent Wellington and Christchurch.

Hobsonville Developments: Just a mere 20 minutes North-West of Aucklands CBD lays an old defence base fast becoming a top area for development benefiting all Aucklanders. Most recent is the news of developers Willis Bonds $100 million ‘Catalina Project’ which will entail retail, dining and apartments. Find out more here

Hawkins/ Downer buyout: Perhaps the biggest news this month was construction giant Downer EDI Ltd acquiring Hawkins. New Zealand’s second largest construction company has been bought out after almost 70 years in business from when it was first founded in 1951.  Downer signed an agreement to acquire the construction, infrastructure & project management business earlier this month with the transaction due to be completed 31st March.

‘The Pacifica’ Waterfront Skyscraper:  Designed by Jaimin Atkins of Plus Architecture,  Aecom are now project managing but the elusive construction company who has landed the deal to make this come to life is yet to be announced. This soon to be landmark 57 storey tower on Commerce St consisting of 295 apartments, 35 hotel suites, 138 car parks, retail, pool, residences lounge and more, will be Aucklands tallest residential skyscraper and tower high above neighbouring Vero building and others. With this luxury residential building set to be built in 3-4 years and the new Park Hyatt Hotel construction already well under way by both Hawkins and China Construction, Aucklands waterfront is set to undergo a complete transition in the upcoming years for both residents and tourists alike with luxury accommodation available for both.

Finally could a rapid CBD to North Shore rail transit be the answer to a long awaited traffic solution option? A joint statement from Auckland Transport (AT) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) reveals plans of an electric rail crossing from the CBD to the North Shore. This crossing could result in a higher capacity of commuters and higher cost-effectiveness than proposed extended vehicle tunnels thus essentially saving taxpayers money and also reducing our reliance on diesel and petrol by powering this rail crossing with renewable energy.Currently the most popular transport route on Aucklands Waitemata Harbour is by bus but this busways patronage is rising 10% per annum and is set to reach capacity in 2026 far ahead of the anticipated 2046. While many politicians have had reservations at past proposals, I for one am intrigued as to how they accommodate this one. Watch this space!

While many have frustrations with construction works in the city, something is most certainly being done right as Auckland has just been voted #3 within Top Cities for Quality of Living in the world. Just another reason to love our city of sails! If you’d like to discuss your career in Construction or Recruitment, feel free to contact me on or give me a call on 09 8877 269.

Carol Kelly | Baker Andersen Recruitment Consultant | 20th March 2017


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